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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Fail

A Man Sitting By A Window Looking Miserable

Written by Iren Gurung (PoP’s Social Media Manager)

“I’m a failure”.

How many times have you told yourself this phrase or heard it from someone else?

It’s no fun when we fail.

Whether you’re a student trying to get a high grade, someone on the hunt for their first job, or building your business to be a successful entrepreneur, failing is simply something that all of us try to avoid. The pain that failing can give us can sometimes cause us to fall into a pit of depression and self-pity.

Our culture today oftentimes views failure as a negative thing.

Our society is so focused on success and all good things that we often miss how failure can benefit us. May it be within your family or in a professional environment; it’s easy for a lot of folks to simply give up when things don't work out the way they wanted because they think it’s easier that way. Acceptance is good but giving up shouldn’t be an option! We blame ourselves for our failures but how many times we think of it as opportunities to grow and learn?

Failure is also God’s answer to our prayers.

Life can play us bad sometimes and it’s something that happens to everyone. Perhaps you tried to apply for a job you really wanted and prayed for but got rejected in the process. Or you’ve been working hard on a promotion but someone else got it.

When things don’t happen the way we want it to be, our nature is to curse God for our disappointments and failures. You might ask “Why?”, “I prayed for it earnestly.” Try to contemplate things. It might be God’s answer to your prayers.

It’s often hard for us to understand why heartfelt, well-intentioned prayers seem to go unanswered. There are times when we pray sincerely for something just for it to go seemingly unheard, our natural response is to rebel against God. We should always remember that God’s will is better than us. If we ask anything according to His will He hears us 1 John 5:14.

Failure Is God’s Way to strengthen our Faith.

As humans, we are destined to make mistakes because we live in an imperfect world but you shouldn’t give up just because you have experienced too many failures or have witnessed others fail too many times. Failing once doesn’t mean you’re going to fail in everything. True failure is not even trying to get back up but just quitting.

1. Jeremiah 8:4 - This is what the Lord says: You know if a man falls down, he gets up again. And if a man goes the wrong way, he turns around and comes back. We should find peace in the gentle knowing that God will never fail those who put their trusts in Him. When our intention is good and sincere, He will hear us. God is always near and if ever you fall and cannot get up, He’ll pick you up.

We all fail at some point in our lives. No one is perfect.

Even the greatest scientists fail. All the things they invented were a product of many trials and errors. Failing teaches us a very valuable life lesson. It’s a learning experience so we can do better next time. Our failures can help us grow in both our personal and spiritual life. God will help us when we do fail. Remember if we do fail, He has a good reason for allowing it to happen. We might not comprehend it at that moment, but God will prove to be faithful in the end. It is my sincere hope and aim that our failure stories will bring us closer to God.

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