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Tanur Badgley People of Purpose Host
 Tanur Badgley  


Hi, My name is Tanur Badgley.

I created People of Purpose to build up and inspire others to be the very best that they can be!

But what some of you may not know is the story behind the story. When I started this journey a few years ago I decided to log my travels and adventures for the purpose of helping others and expressing my personal path to self-discovery.

Today we have come a long way from where we were, but the mission is still the same. To help people find and fulfill their life's purpose.

April Mae People of Purpose Web and Media Assistant

Web and Media Assistant

Hey there! This is PoP's resident Web and Media Assistant, April! 

I am a young Filipina professional freelancer who offers assistance on general administrative tasks and technology-related works such as website, database, and systems maintenance. 

Reading books, listening to music, hiking mountains and traveling are some of my major interests. Just like anybody else, I am on a continuous journey on searching for the things that excite me. There is so much to discover on myself and it thrills me knowing that the world has so much to offer. 

Cheers to freedom! Cheers to self-discovery! Cheers to People of Purpose!

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Social Media and Community Manager

I am PoP's Social Media Manager, Iren!

Ever since, I enjoy creating creative contents which sometimes include my favorite quotes, song lyrics, or a just a personal photo edit. This allows me to use my excessive creative juice and express myself as well. I love sharing my work on different social media platforms hoping that it reach and inspire other people. 

I dedicate most of my time taking care of my daughter. Being a mother is no easy job but it is very fulfilling to see your child growing up to be a happy and healthy person. 

I am looking forward for People of Purpose to reach and inspire more individual in searching for their true purpose and path for a meaningful life.

Tom People of Purpose Project Manager

Tom W.

Project Manager

Hi there folks! This is People of Purpose's Project Manager, Tom!


I assist Tanur in managing the People of Purpose Project and in ensuring that the organization lives up to its goals, mission, and vision. Managing the PoP team and making sure that we deliver contents that lives up to our brand are my main responsibilities. 

I live by my values of teaching people how to grow into who they want to be. Helping other to see their God-given greatness and potential and help them develop those skills, attitude, and mindset are my core focus.

We hope to reach and guide you to become the best version of yourself. Here's to becoming People of Purpose.



Podcast Audio Editor

I am PoP's Podcast Audio Editor, Pavle!

My job is to ensure the best quality of audio for you to enjoy the great contents of the People of Purpose podcast.


I am passionate music listener and movie binger. I like to spend time in nature and travel to most unusual places.


Being a synthesizer geek, my dream is to own a synthesizer company one day.

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