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Tanur's Takeaway: on Bradley Charbonneau

Written by Tanur Badgley(PoP's Creator and Host)

My interview with Bradley with my podcast manager, Tom, was an incredible experience.

Bradley has such a simple, fun, light, easy way of sharing what he's doing. He doesn't hide it.

Here are some of the takeaways from our interview where he talked about Creating Habits and Working Towards Who You Want to Be.

The Power of Consistency

In November of 2012, he had a simple challenge that he gave himself or that a friend gave him. He has never stopped doing the challenge. It was to write every day with no rules for 30 days. And that 30 days has turned into now 2000 plus days, 27 books.

It just shows so much of the power of simple consistency. It is by making these small promises to ourselves and holding ourselves to a super high standard or falling a bunch of rules. It is just by showing up every day to write and what it takes to do that.

Embracing Failure and Being Vulnerable

I enjoyed our conversation around failure and the importance of embracing that failure and being vulnerable with others about that.

It will be the time when things start to open up for you, and you get to live more and more aligned to your purpose. Bradley has this novel idea that I thought was fantastic about anything's multiplied by zero is still zero. You cannot improve on zero. So we must do a little bit every day to move in the directions of our dreams, our goals, our passions, and fulfill our purpose.

I know that you're going to learn so much from our interview with Bradley Charbonneau. Getting to experience our first three-way interview with Tom was fantastic.

There's a surprise near the end of the episode that you'll want to stay tuned. That involves People of Purpose and Tom and the journey of creating a book with Bradley's guidance. So definitely listen to that.

We also developed a partnership with Bradley where he teaches several courses at You can go in there and get 25% off of any course just by putting in the coupon code, People of Purpose. Check that out once you finished listening to our interview.

I hope you listen to Bradley's podcast interview and start working towards your goal one step at a time. Embrace all the challenges and learn from them.

Here's to becoming People of Purpose!

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