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A Mother's Love

A Mother Lovingly Holding Her Baby

Written by Pia Wilcox (PoP’s Relations Manager)

"You will never fully understand your mother's love until you become a mother yourself." - Anonymous

I know that may sound like a cliché for most of us. Growing up in a highly family-oriented culture, I've been hearing this since I was a child. But as I've become a mom myself, I can say that the quote above is absolute. I may still be new to this motherhood thing and still growing in most aspects with God's help, but here are some important realizations that I'd be happy to share with you.

Mom loves you. She loved you even before she met you.

She took care of you while you were in her womb and after you came into this world. She can still remember that exact moment when you were put in her arms and on her chest for the very first time.

Mom is willing to sacrifice a lot of things for you.

Whether that's her sleep, her piece of the cake, her regular job, her time for herself, she would give it up if it is for your good. She'll be willing to do that without even thinking twice.

Mom desires what's best for you.

You and mom may not always see things eye to eye, but in her heart, she really wants what's best for you. She may sound like a machine gun sometimes when she's scolding you or giving you important life lessons, but that's because she wouldn't want you to go down the wrong path.

Mom prays for you. Yes, she does. Very often.

At night when she lays herself to sleep, she lifts you up to God. Asking Him to lead your way and to keep you safe when you're out of her sight.

Mom is proud of you.

She has seen your milestones since you were a baby, and she's always been so grateful for getting to witness those. As you grow up and reach new milestones—whether that is for work, school, or life in general—the same feeling holds true. She is very proud to be your mom.

Mom may not be perfect, but she's trying her best.

There may be times that you take her for granted—times that you focus too much on what she cannot give that you neglect those that she's giving. You might even wish sometimes that you have a different mom. But let me tell you, she is the best mom for you. God chose her to be your mom for a reason.

This Mother's Day, show your love and appreciation for your mom.

No matter what that looks like for you - a hug, a kiss, a greeting card, a bouquet of flowers, a freshly-picked flower from your backyard, a special meal, a heartfelt greeting, a special massage, a break from household chores, or any combination of these — remember that it's the thought that counts. That there are many ways that you can make your mom feel special.

Treasure every moment with your mom. Take each opportunity to let her know just how amazing she is—not just this Mother's Day but every single day.

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