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What Goals are Guiding You?

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Host and Creator)

Since beginning this real estate business, my mind has continually expanded as to what’s possible and where I can aim my goals.

I’ve met a mentor who structures deals in creative ways that create big wins for sellers as a means to avoid foreclosure -- helping them get out from overbearing mortgages. We’ve talked on the phone for 50+ hours now in the past three months.

As I’ve entered Luther’s world, I have been challenged to think outside the box and spot opportunities where most don’t see them.

My mentor has continued to draw attention to the fact that I buy and sell houses for a living, but I don’t own one of my own. He believes that finding my own house is 90% desire, 10% effort.

He said things happen when you start to write down your goals.

Luther referred me to one of his most influential mentors, Brian Tracy, who teaches that if you write down your goals and pray over them, most of it will happen in your life because they come to you.

He also teaches that you need to get incredibly clear on your goals.

You should be so clear that a six-year-old should be able to explain them to another six-year-old. Both kids should be able to know if you’ve met your goal because the criteria are so specific.

After listening to his YouTube video, I proceeded to write down my intention to move into a 2000 square foot house centrally located in the KC metro on a half-acre with trails behind our house that I get for $0 down by July 2021.

This place is where I can host events with 50+ people for festivals, retreats, masterminds, camping, and workshops. We can host nomadic travelers and missionaries at our RV campsite. And we can provide entertainment in the form of a movie theatre, my friends can play music in a soundproof studio, and I can read in the hammock sanctuary in the backyard.

I am working on getting clearer on goals in general.

It’s hard because as I run this business, the goals are evolving and usually getting bigger and more abstract. For example, I have the chance to buy 135 acres of beautiful land right south of the city here in Kansas City. As I’m evaluating the opportunity, I ask myself what I’d do with the land if I were to develop it. Because I know people in this business, and through the podcast, I start to think of who can be involved.

Now their vision becomes a part of mine.

I see a development where there is a community being formed through nature, where there is a spiritual center (church), yoga challah, auditorium, healing center, garden, and an RV park with trails and camping. I see purpose-driven entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be coming to this place to connect and transform this city.

My role is the elder who helped put all the people and pieces together to make this come alive as everyone injects their soul into this place.

I am seeing myself being the one asking questions, leading critical thinking discussions, and getting people behind a vision that becomes clearer and clearer. I see myself needing to develop as a leader to make these big moves in the lives of those in this community.

I love studying the Bible - I’ve just recently read all four books in the gospel outlining the life of Jesus Christ. What an incredible leader, pioneer, healer, visionary, and genuinely loving individual who fully gave his life to much bigger and better things than this world can offer. I want to lead people like this.

Having high-quality people in my network makes me enthusiastic about learning the game of true wealth creation. There is a wellspring of benefits I can help provide through my net worth and network. As I find mentors, programs, books, and podcasts through my network, each one shapes my thinking in ways that brighten the vision and help me see from a little higher and holistic perspective.

How authentic are your goals to you?

Are you writing down your goals?

Can you recite them when people ask where you are headed?

Can you visualize and feel them when you close your eyes?

Where do you need to let go of forcing them to happen and allow God to equip you with the readiness to receive them?

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