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Trust the Compass of Serindipity

A Quiet and Peaceful Riverbend

Written by Tanur Badgley(PoP's Creator and Host)

Sometimes, you need to know what you’re looking for and let God take care of the rest.

One of my most recent podcast guests, Finnian Kelly, showed me the power of sharing what I am seeking. At the end of our interview, I shared with Finnian how nice it would be to have actual relationships with purpose-driven, intentional, and successful entrepreneurs like him and the EO community he described in the episode. That’s when he invited me on the Intentionality trip for four days down the Yampa River.

Intentionality is an annual trip running two years now where 25+ leaders and entrepreneurs go rafting down the longest free-flowing river in the United States.

Multiple people who have sold several businesses or grown their own business for 10, 20, 30+ years to beyond $100M in some cases were on this trip. We had six guides bringing us through the canyons of Colorado and Utah, setting up our campsites on the beaches. There was a professional bluegrass band floating with us too, and a structure built in for one on one time with pretty much everyone. There are group activities, conversations, and hilarity as well.

Finnian and his girlfriend Sydney hosted a breathwork session in a cave following a cacao meditation on the beach. In the cave, I had my first group hug since Bangkok Hat in February of 2020. There were bonfires, tug of wars, crotch rockets (a game where you throw a rock from behind your legs with two hands for distance), and even a talent show with fire spinning. We journaled and sang songs and gave our prayers to loved ones.

On the river, I bantered with a fifteen-year-old about life wisdom. I’ve come to understand and learned from another what it’s like to make $30 million selling a business when he was just 30. I understood what it takes to be the CEO of 500 employees and how to date your wife while traveling back and forth to Italy because of a business merger. And I guided a girl through a long-overdue breakup.

As it pertains to intentionality towards my purpose, there wasn’t always a clear answer given on the river.

But there is now a clearer compass. I love to connect with others who are leading others intentionally. And I seek to do the same in my business, family, and friendships. We never know what’s to come around the next bend of the river, but we can trust that we’ll get there. Just develop the intention and ask.

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