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Tanur's Takeaway: on Finnian Kelly

Tanur Badgley and Finnian Kelly on Embodying Intentionality and Inspiring Others To Do The Same.

Written by Tanur Badgley(PoP's Creator and Host)

Getting to interview Finnian Kelly was an experience.

I resonated with his intersection of being highly spiritual in his feelings and emotions and being a driven entrepreneur focused on finances and financial abundance. That combination is at the top of my mind right now as I'm now a year into running my first business.

Here are some of the takeaways from our interview about Embodying Intentionality and Inspiring Others To Do The Same.

The Divine Connection

It is incredible to connect to the divine, the source of energy, the reason and purpose we are here, and to put that forward in a way that makes money and impact. I also find it admirable that establishing this connection gives you a skill set to do that in any community you go. Finnian has it down for sure. His focus on intentionality is incredible.

Practicing Self-Compassion and Awareness

He talks about this extensive practice of self-compassion that we all need to do to recognize that we are loved, we're here to give love, and we're here to experience love. It's that loving awareness that allows us to experience the resulting feeling we're looking for from our outside experiences. So we experienced peace and freedom by choosing love over fear. And that just absolutely resonated with me.

Finnian has it down. He is a solid guy who I think is just at the beginning of his life work. He mentioned in the show that he hasn't called anything in his life where it can tell what he's working on now. So definitely tap into what he's teaching people. Find that financial abundance, connectedness, and prosperity that you've been looking for without having to sacrifice your purpose-driven path and your whole path of spirituality. He makes this point that we all have our path, our way.

Finnian is an excellent mentor. If you're looking for someone to help you get clear on your path, definitely check out Finnian's work at

You're going to enjoy this episode with Finnian Kelly. Let me know what you gained from this. I look forward to hearing more from Finian as I build a relationship with him. Hopefully, we can do something together in the future. And that WE might include YOU!

Here's to becoming, People of Purpose!

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