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Wellness Wednesday 3: Don't Overthink Your Mistacks *mistakes

Hello people of purpose. I'm here in La Jolla with my friend Ryan, and we're in San Diego, La Jolla beach. And today I want to talk about the wellness Wednesday topic about how I have grown from my biggest mistakes.

For me this was a very difficult topic to think about because I don't really dwell on my mistakes a lot and obviously I've made a lot of them and I can share a couple in this video.

Overall, I think that it doesn't really pay a lot of dividends to think too much about your mistakes. It's good to reflect, just after they happen and maybe for a little while after. But once you solidify your understanding and have some wisdom, just apply that next time, don't operate with the fear that you're gonna make the same mistake. Because I would say most of the mistakes we make are not intentional mistakes.

They're just us not knowing something or accidentally messing up something. And that's okay. That's how we learn and grow and become better humans.

I can talk about an example in my life.

I made what I would call a mistake to stay in Minneapolis for a year after I finished college because I was in love with my girlfriend at the time, decided that, I would stick around for her to finish her senior year and she decided that she didn't want to stick around for me. So I found myself moved in with a Craigslist roommate after my grandma died, taking a sales job. I did not really like doing the marketing work, wearing a tie to work cold calling all this nonsense...and I grew a lot from it.

I would say it's a mistake cause it didn't really fit with what my heart really wanted at the time. But it actually led me to Thailand eventually and when I was in Thailand and I knew what I wanted out of life and I knew what I was searching for. And you don't always have that luxury if you haven't made the mistakes in life and taken the risks and the leaps of faith.

So I guess I would not dwell too much on the impact of mistakes. Sure they may seem really bad in the beginning, as they're happening. But really mistakes are something that we should be grateful for we can really learn from them. We can grow from them and we can become more intentional people of purpose.

So that's my take on mistakes. Let me know in the comments what kind of mistakes you might've made and how they've led to your growth. And I look forward to seeing you on the next wellness Wednesday.

Here's the becoming People of purpose.

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