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Those Who Inspired Me 9: Debra Silverman

A Tanned Lady Flashing Her Beautiful Smile

Debra Silverman captures so much of the essence of a person of purpose. She has an effervescent energy that is captivating from the start.

This interview was a one-of-a-kind interview where the tables turned. She showcased her purpose through me as the subject and it felt wonderful. The serendipity of our encounter was extraordinary and magical. It was a vulnerable and enlightening experience for me. I think there's a lot that you'll see yourself in.

I was left feeling that Debra understood me more than perhaps any guest before on the podcast. Debra's medium of purpose is definitley out there. Regardless of your pre-existing beliefs I know this interview will have you asking more questions and expanding your curiosity towards things you've never thought of before. Even if you don't take to heart a lot of what Debra believes.  

Listen to this one-of-a-kind interview with Debra Silverman here.

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