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Tanur's Takeaway: on Jason Stapleton

Tanur Badgley's Takeaway On Jason Stapleton

Written by Tanur Badgley(PoP's Creator and Host)

My interview with Jason Stapleton was tremendous.

The success that he's had in different industries is extraordinary. Being able to build several multi-million dollar companies across four industries is something that makes him stand out.

I love how the impetus behind all of this is that he's making his living helping others get what they want. He has financial trading, education, and knowledge-based businesses, and that is how he's helping people find that life of freedom.

Here are some of the takeaways from our interview where he talked about Helping People Find Their Higher Purpose and Develop The Nomadic Wealth Necessary to Control Their Own Future.

The Power of Personal Branding

The power of personal branding was an important takeaway for me. It is the asset that we have right now. If we can tell a good story where we have set up conflict and resolution, people will engage with that story, and you can build brand products and services around that.

Jason knows his brand, and it's this process about being a guide and helping people find freedom. His self-expression is just so honest and reflective of how he's lived this journey on his own.

Living the Life of Freedom

It was cool to know that he comes from the same place I do. He's from Kansas as well. He went and lived abroad.

Now, he lives in Southern California, and he's developed this lifestyle where you don't have to depend on an employer or a location to have the life you want to have. And that feels security.

One big takeaway that I had was how it's far better to have more clients and opportunities through entrepreneurship than to have a single employer. It is because if that employer goes away, then you're left without any source of revenue. Whereas you can build your revenue, and it can be reoccurring and ever-growing through clients and opportunities and systems for scale.

Knowing the most important things to work on each day

As a business owner, one of another takeaway was knowing the most important things to work on each day.

Jason identifies several things each quarter that he needs to capture as goals for that quarter. He identifies what he needs to do every day to be there. And he only works on three things a day.

Jason has this infectious excitement for this being the first time in history that we get to consider our happiness, that we can invest in rare and specialized talents and skills branded around who we are and who we want to be. We can make a living off of living that life of freedom and happiness. And we can utilize the same thing to help others to live a life of freedom and happiness.

I appreciate his goal of helping as many people find freedom as possible and his commitment as a guide to go every step of the way until they don't need him anymore. It was exciting to get to experience Jason's exuberance for life. I am excited to read his book and understand what this nomadic wealth formula is all about.

I hope that you listen to Jason's podcast interview and appreciate him for all he is because I know he'll change your life.

Here's to becoming People of Purpose.

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