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Those Who Inspired Me 7: Michal Stawicki

Pile Of Books And An Open Notebook and Pen

Michal Stawicki showed me the power of consistency.

Of how by making small, everyday decisions you can achieve great results. He writes everyday. For years now. That's why he has 16 bestsellers, lives the life of a full-time writer-entrepreneur, and has retired his wife.

He is an excellent resource of wisdom when it comes to how to grow yourself out of the place where you are stuck. He struggled with mental health problems, complacency towards life, and a gloom disposition. But as he vowed to gain control over his life through daily efforts of self-expression he finds himself six years later having broken 200+ personal fitness levels and overcoming crippling shyness. 

He makes the point that it isn't as important to be original in what you do, but to own whatever it is that you are doing. 

I have been living by this mantra as I've started real estate investing. I don't know enough to operate in the nuances yet so I'm following the models of millionaires like former guest Whitney Chaffin to get my start. But the key is that I'm owning what I'm doing. I'm owning my story and infusing my purpose throughout.

Sometimes I'm tongue tied, but when I take the time to undo these knots I know what it is I'm trying to communicate. I communicate more clearly and confidently. And I grow. 

When you listen to the podcast with Michal let me know how you'e going to implement his life to grow from the place that may have you stuck now.

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