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Those Who Inspired Me 37: Tanya MFK

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

Business And Life Strategist Tanya MFK

Interviewing Tanya MFK was much needed in my life.

She has this brilliant philosophy that someday doesn't exist, and tomorrow is not promised.

This philosophy definitely struck a chord with me and has urged me to do things like some deep and reflective journaling or to go on a date with my wife. It also allowed me to have a different mindset over the importance of creating systems and habits in my life that support those big goals that I want to happen. The same goes for the commitment I have to those goals as well.

Tanya points out how motivation and inspiration fade away.

She mentions the ease of living a life of mediocrity. But it's the big things that you do that move you out of your comfort zone that opened up these other doors that excite you, that create enthusiasm and passion. This is what we can do with this life that we have.

She is an extraordinary coach and mentor for anyone that's looking to get their lives off the ground and do something extensive.

Whether that's in business or in travel or with family or relationships. Whatever it is, Tanya has the principles down.

Tanya is super focused on self-mastery.

In her quest for self-mastery, she has gone and lived in a Shaolin temple in China for a year. She studied Chinese medicine, did Ayurvedic medicine in India, was a yoga teacher, and worked as a chief marketing officer at a corporate level. She now owns her own company and podcast, where she does incredible coaching, mentorship courses, reflection sessions, journaling, reading, and strategy sessions with entrepreneurs. She is living a fulfilling lifestyle.

There is so much to take in from Tanya from our interview.

She talked about how to remove one's self from the center of a business system and from the center of a podcast system. Another thing is scaling and leveraging yourself into the highest impact roles you can be in. This will allow your purpose to be felt, understood, and actually realized without relying on you showing up every day with your maximum intensity. I think that that's just incredible.

I wrote down a few things after the session about that and I have journaled on that.

✅ I want to get back to reading every day.

✅ I want eight hours of sleep.

✅ I want to have an enlivening travel approximately every six weeks.

✅ I want to be able to have more follow-up meetings with my guests.

✅ I want it to be in only a CEO position in my real estate company by quarter two next year.

Tanya has these group reflection sessions that I'm going to join the next one at the start of November. These reflection sessions are scheduled monthly, quarterly, and yearly, and she does these with a group for FREE. I see the value in taking a course with a small group. I have done this in the past, and I want to get back to that.

She makes this point about putting things in the calendar. They're not really a priority until you put it in the calendar.

She draws this parallel to the DMV, talking about how we put it in our calendar to show up and get our license and registration. But we don't put in the calendar to like date our partner, and that's messed up. That was a huge wake-up call to me.

Tanya has taught me a lot about the nuances of attaining your purpose through your habits, systems, and the structure of how you live your life.

I also learned how to integrate your business, relationships, and projects all together in this synchronicity of being. This is totally possible, and it allows you to live this super elevated life and something you're excited to live every day.

I encourage everyone to write an obituary as Tanya did, which you'll hear plenty about in the interview. I encourage you to dive into Tanya's teaching. She has so many available resources for you to get plugged into. Listen to People of Purpose's Tanya MFK and start creating the best day of your life every day.

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