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Those Who Inspired Me 35: Gavin Dantez

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

The Mad Scientist of Digital Marketing And Branding Gavin Dantez

Gavin Dantez built a multimillion-dollar e-com business and then moved on to creating an education platform on a mission to upgrade millions of minds featured in forms.

Featured in Forbes and Inc, Gavin has traveled to over 40 countries. He's an international speaker and was quoted as "The Mad scientist of Digital Marketing and Branding" by Inc magazine.

Gavin is one of the smartest people I've ever had on this podcast.

We had the most holistic conversation ranging from personal journey and story to faith and spirituality, to biohacking, to neuroscience, to marketing, to building businesses, to overcoming failure and struggle, just the whole gamut.

Getting to talk to him about the kind of topics was so surreal to me.

He is living this embodied existence where he's fully committed and aligned to his purpose in a way that I continue to dream to be. I'm moving into this space, but he is several steps ahead of me. It was just incredible to tap into his message and his purpose and be able to share that with our podcast listeners.

The amount of value you're going to get out of this is going to be massive.

Tapping into his system and what he's building with Limitless Youniversity will put you miles and miles ahead of where you are right now. I believe in Gavin's greatness, and I am looking forward that you find the same light as you listen to my interview with People of Purpose's Gavin Dantez.

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