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Those Who Inspired Me 24: Bryan Falchuk

Bryan Falchuk Wearing A Yellow Statement Shirt Saying Don't Quit Your Day Dream

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

Getting to talk to Brian on a second occasion was such a special episode. It was the first time that my wife has ever made an appearance on my podcast, which was awesome.

It's my fifth or sixth conversation with Brian so he has truly become a friend. I have never actually met him in person but he's been a guest on the People of Purpose podcast before and I've been a guest on his as well.

The two of us have masterminds through different things about kind of the brand marketing of our podcasts and our shows.

We've exchanged some resources and introduce each other to different guests. It's a really wonderful relationship that Brian and I have formed. In this episode, we got to talk about relationships. It is probably the first true episode that we have dedicated to the topic of relationships on People of Purpose podcast and for that, it was really special.

Relationships are near and dear to my heart.

They are also near and dear to Brian's heart. The level of depth that we were able to discuss inside this episode was fantastic, talking about how everything's interconnected in life.

We can't compartmentalize any relationship.

We can't separate work from life, from career, from finances to business to relationships. They're all interconnected.

Brian speaks of the value you have to have in yourself, in a relationship, to admit when you're hurting and to offer the other person the opportunity to explore and understand you at a deep level.

He makes an amazing point about this topic, “Today is not the day to act like tomorrow is already happening”.

It really speaks to the empowerment we have to not just say these relationships are inevitably going to be toxic, to be flawed, or even going to be perfect.

We have to be intentional about our relationships, and Brian's wisdom and expertise in this topic shines through on this interview.

It was a really special experience for me and I know it will be a special experience for you too. Go ahead and enjoy Bryan Falchuk's second time on the People of Purpose podcast.

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