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Those Who Inspired Me 21: Rich D'Amaru

Rich D'Amaru Leading An Ayahuasca Ceremony

Rich D'Amaru is an Ayahuasca shaman

He is a self-proclaimed wounded warrior.

Rich and I sat down next to the beach on an island in Thailand with my friend Phil, who shared in our ceremony just two days after Rich led a small group of us through a beautiful two-day ceremony. We drank plant medicine from the Amazon and basked in an intimate world music performance put on by Rich and his assistant Dominique, who has the voice of a goddess.

It was a gorgeous experience and truly a journey into my deep heart and connection with the divine.

Just as had happened throughout the ceremony, we impact so much of the wisdom Rich's discovered through his journey and the roles that plant medicines, practices, people, and instruments of the divine, as he calls them, have played in the flowering of his purpose. It was a beautiful experience for me and a joy to share in this interview with my good friend Phil.

We are just three Americans far from the home we came from but so at home with ourselves in this space.

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