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Those Who Inspired Me 20: Wendy May

Wendy May Sitting On Top Of A Rock In A Beach

Getting to interview Wendy May was a treat. I hardly knew anything about her before the interview because when I was on an Island doing a lot of deep inner work, I was recommended to her just as someone who runs workshops, teaches on purpose and writes a book about shifting paradigms of purpose.

A lot of what Wendy said stuck with me in the sense of how she comes from a very westernized intellectual background. Being a Harvard alumnus and a business school graduate from UCLA, she's able to process things intellectually and distill them to their essence with words in a very special way.

What makes Wendy extra talented at what she does is she can go beyond just the intellect and how she looks more into her heart and soul center.

She teaches people how to look into those inner inquiries to see where you're moving from, to look into the pain and suffering you've been through and...

... to give yourself a reboot from the core.

Her journey of purpose is admirable and I believe she is someone that can guide people into a very meaningful journey of purpose.

I am excited about where she's going with this project. Wendy is so young and from what she's doing right now like publishing her first book, I can say that...

...she has a very bright future ahead of her.

I was the third podcast she's ever interviewed for and the pleasure has been mine.

I got to share in the interview experience with my good friends and I'm becoming more and more of a partner in People of Purpose. I feel the same way as Louden who asks a few different questions throughout the interview and I am very grateful to how he helped to guide this process.

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