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Those Who Inspired Me 13: Dona Speir

A Sad Person Sitting Alone In An Empty Space

Meeting with Dona Speir was incredible. She has the most unique kind of purpose with the most unique kind of story involving Bill Cosby and sexual abuse.

Her arc of going from the lowest of lows to now being a leadership coach for sobriety and getting people out of a sexual trauma is incredible!

It was hard for me to define the right questions to truly relate to what she's talking about because I personally haven't dealt with sexual trauma. But, I think her story has a very universal nature to it. Personally, the way I know I'm going to benefit from this interview is that Dona doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. She goes head on to her past trauma. She makes commitments and lives a discipline life fueled by overcoming the trauma...I can do that too!

Dona has "made it" in a lot of classical senses - She's obviously a beautiful person inside and out. A former Playboy model turned author, mentor, inspirational do all. It was neat to see that what she's doing now is at the top of her life and she's still moving up on that. Up towards her ever-ascending peak. And I think that mantra is extremely inspiring to me.

One thing we talked about after the interview ended was that I need to think about what I would do if I weren't afraid. The commitment I made to her was that I would email Tony Robbins after this interview and a few of the other people that I really want to be a guest on People of Purpose. Now I'm working with my podcasting buddy in Bali on crafting emails and studying how to land these A-list kind of guests.

I'm really thankful to Dona for instilling a similar sense of confidence she has in me to just take my shot and go for it in life. I think she really exhibits a person of purpose and you'll be able to see that throughout this interview. (add link)

I know that you're going to enjoy this interview with Dona Speir. I would love to hear how you relate to it because personally, I'm really curious on how you relate to her story.

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