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Those Who Inspired Me 11: Greg Yates

Shadow Behind Prison Bars

Greg Yates has deeply impacted me. So much so that last week we recorded a part 2 that will air in a couple months.

You gotta listen to this first episode that dropped last week! (049: Greg Yates - From Comfort Zone to Practice Zone without the Head-Trash)

If people ask me who I’m most influenced by recently I’d say Greg Yates. He captures so much of where I'm at right now and where I'm headed. This man was running 14 companies and went to prison! His stories and his insights from this dark and broken time in his life are so relatable and such a wake up call for why we need to live life on purpose.

I love his brilliance on getting clarity on your personal definition of significance of success. The exercise he describes on this topic alone, have given me so much direction and clarity as to what's important to seize in each day.

This concept is actually essential to understand. If you don't you will forever fall short of the person of purpose you could be. Greg woke me up! I know he will wake you up to be more conscious of your brokenness and the ways in which it holds you back. 

As a side note, our People of Purpose team said this was their favorite interview of the podcast. Follow this link to listen to episode 049: Greg Yates - From Comfort Zone to Practice Zone without the Head-Trash and give your self the gift of Greg for an hour.

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