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The Team Has Expanded!

Small Team Having A Meeting

The team has expanded!

We now have two new teammates who are doing an excellent job at the post production process. I was so blessed to meet an excellent family from Topeka while I was in San Francisco. And two months ago I hired a marketing consultant whom I've been developing a trusting relationship with over the past year.

We had our first ever meeting this week and I was beaming. All I did was basically mastermind the larger scale ideas and orchestrated the meetup. Listening to them talk shop on the details of Instagram marketing and collectively coming up with a content calendar, branding and design choices, and outline their People of Purpose social media takeover strategies was super neat for me.

I felt like I got to witness the next evolution of People of Purpose. And it's very exciting!  I'm hoping to only be a key component of that which I'm best at and enjoy so that I can deliver the best value to others and myself in all the areas of my life. 

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