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The Four Stages of Creating an Empowered Future Self

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

Our last guest, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, in combination with the Dr. Joe Dispenza course I am taking together with a group of friends, has me intentionally designing and implanting a future self that realizes my unlimited potential within my purpose.

Tanur Badgley Together With His Family

Before our interview, I read the pre-release of Personality Isn’t Permanent. Since our interview was published on the PoP podcast Episode 70, I’ve read Dr. Hardy’s first book - Slipstream Time Hacking. I’ve been super intrigued by what Dr. Hardy considers to be the four stages of time hacking. I think of it as the four stages of creating your desired future self.

Stage 1 begins with a recognition that certain opportunities and experiences are significant in placing you in a wormhole where great change is accelerated, and your life advances faster than just passing through linear time.

However, these opportunities are few and far between and happen through extreme luck and predictability. At a basic level, Stage 1, people believe finding huge success and desired change is almost totally out of their control. Something external has to happen for their life to make a massive shift. They’re essentially hoping one day they win the lottery.

Stage 2 is a similar belief in outside uncontrollable forces shaping your ability to change, however, at this stage, people do recognize the mini-miracles in their lives that have shaped and paved the way to great blessings.

According to Dr. Hardy, stage 2 beliefs are accompanied by a seeking attitude - a desire to learn and be open to receiving the desired change despite doubt and skepticism.

Stage 3 marks a grand shift in belief accepting that their future is brighter than the present.

People at this stage regularly observe miracles and shifts happening in their lives. We begin to have our conviction in the power of intentionally designing and creating our circumstances and experiences. We begin to flourish individually and adopt a mindset of abundance, faith, and eager excitement for what lies ahead. However, with all of this growth and progress, stage 3 individuals have yet to fully align with their true identity and abilities. They still risk digressing to their unevolved state because they lack that absolute assurance required. Fear and doubt still linger and hold the potential to alter their course.

Finally, at Stage 4, the magic happens. There is a point of no return.

At this final stage, there is an intimate experience with “light” as Dr. Hardy describes in the book as the force that most affects our experience with time. When we become “light” we are no longer bound by space-time, and everything exists as a present possibility in an ever-present now. Stage 4 champions have full access to the governing powers of the universe and use them for truthful service to help others create miracles in their own lives. The goal for a stage 4 person is no longer to evolve as a person but to evolve as people.

The reason I’m bringing all of this up is that I see myself, my guests, and probably you in the progression of these stages - in particular, you’re probably figuring out how to transition from stage 3 to 4.

As I have meditated on the distinctions between stages 3 and 4, I love to notice where I’m at as well as where I’m not yet. As I do the work and make my attempts to cross over to such a transcendent experience beyond space and time, I find that it's usually myself getting in the way. I hit these ”slipstreams” of moments and even hours where I enter the quantum world of infinite possibilities in the now, where I’m confidently surrendered and guided by a God that is all-loving and has the very best plans and purpose for my life and our lives.

Despite all my progress, I fall out of this enlightened progression and find myself resisting what I don’t like.

I get far from stage 4 in the struggle and the fatigue that comes with trying to launch a profitable business with new partners in a new city with a new wife during a new virus and within a new social economy. Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to push a boulder up a mountain- what Joe Dispenza calls “moving matter with matter.” It’s when I come back to my intentions and my purpose and reflect on my progress that I see how empowered I am when I give it over to God for God and people. And I can do these things as I’m becoming and loving the person of purpose I’ve been designed to be.

What do you need to transition to a stage 4 person of purpose? Who do you need to become?

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