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Lessons I’ve Learned From Stress

A Man Looking Exhausted With Both His Hands Covering His Face

Written by Tom Wilcox (PoP’s Project Manager)


That sums up my season of growth and the wisdom that I have for you in one word.

However, I'd imagine you want to know a little bit more about what I mean and how this at all relates to you. So let's dive in.

Since the last time you heard from me, my wife and I's daughter have learned new habits and tend to be very particular about how, when, what, and even where we are feeding her. If it's not just right, it's not happening. (she's about five months old as of writing this)

I have finished my Bachelor's Degree and started the first of my Masters attempting to maintain my normal habit of taking two courses at a time.

My team and I have won and lost the same contract within one week of obtaining it.

And I've developed hemorrhoids (yeah, a bit personal, I get it).

Why do I tell you all this?

I tell you because life matters, and in real life, real people experience stress.

But, it is how we handle that stress that determines whether we will proceed pushing through to what we know is worth it. Or if we will explode detonating all that is around us in the aftermath.

I know firsthand what it's like to face that impossibly difficult situation and say "Just keep going Tom" or "I got this".

But I can tell you personally that when I have trusted in myself to handle the situation, there was usually a great deal of cleanup. A lot more stress, and many times the problem only got worse.

However, because of my convictions, I have chosen to handle that stress differently. By handing it over to God.

Here's why I recommend that.

If such a God as I believe in exists (a God who is benevolent, caring, consistent, and creator of all things). Then I can trust Him with the day to day issues of life that I am facing.

And If He is indeed caring (as I have above claimed that He is) then I know that He will provide a way through whatever situation I may face. Be it a baby whose volume is turned up to eleven (out of ten), or a physical alignment that causes daily routines to become quite unpleasant.

When we learn to consistently choose to trust in a God who is much bigger than us and says that we can cast all of our cares at His feet. We begin to come to Him amid our stress regardless of whether it's small or extreme.

And when we do this, we will find that any situation we face becomes bearable. We know we can and will make it through this because we know that the God who created all things is a caring God, and He will see us through.

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