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Investing in my Heart’s Voice To Reveal My Purpose and My People: Part 3

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP's Creator & Host)

As I move back to Kansas City I’m bringing my full self.  The one that’s overcome traumatic brain injuries, a heart-wrenching breakup, and immigration nightmares that shook up everything about “my plan” to shift me into God’s plan. I’m grateful for this journey that at one point shattered everything from my career and my community to bring me back to my core commitments: My journey as a Christian and the marriage to the woman I’ve committed to love for the rest of my life. Not only am I fully coming back, but I’m also now bringing my Karen Hill Tribe wife from Thailand to unify and blend with my Kansas family.  I have been living Matthew 13:44. The Kingdom of Heaven is like Treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.

Tanur and His Wife on Their Wedding Day

It makes me shiver with excitement, cry with joy, and revel in awe at how things are coming together through devoting myself to finding and fulfilling my purpose.  I’ll remember the power of committing to what God’s put in my heart when I sat down to write the week after my wedding. The words have since been published in my most popular PoP Newsletter post Marry Your Purpose “The only way to make purpose come alive and thrive is to commit to it. You have to take consistent leaps of faith following that feeling which you know is pure, right, and true. And you have to know deep in your core that a belief in a higher purpose will continue to break through ceilings and illuminate that next rung of your purpose. This choice, commitment, belief, and faith in purpose will, in turn, provide you with the resources, resolve, and strength you need to fulfill it. Always.”

Tanur and His Wife Looking Earnestly At Each Other During Their Wedding

As I stood in front of 300 people watching my bride walk down the aisle with her parents and a parade of singers behind her, I understood the immense gratitude and blessing that exists from committing to such a grand and holy journey.  5 years ago I found myself heavily concussed, broken up, depressed, and cold in a Minnesota winter. This week I found myself in a village 7,000 miles from where I grew up with my best friends and family at my sides as I gave gratitude and made jokes in Thai to all the warm-hearted Christian villagers in my wife’s hometown. My path of purpose took tremendous trust in saying yes to what God put in my heart. I am incredibly aware more than ever that it’s my turn to step up. To become a husband, a cross-cultural ambassador, an entrepreneur, a spiritual guide, an emotional healer, a courageous warrior, a wise sage, and an artist. I feel ready to rise into the man of purpose I have been destined to become.” At the end of our interview, my shaman Rich called my attention to this need to rise for the tribe. He told me that when I moved to Kansas “my awareness is all that’s needed to create a tribe”. I am well aware of the ways growing up in Kansas limited my perceptions of the world.

It was a wonderful place to grow up, but there wasn’t much diversity in general. When I first left at 18 I was so culturally unaware, spiritually drifting into college, and aimless in my studies. At the time I thought Christianity was the only way to access the realm of the divine. I didn’t know much about how to go inside and create. I did know that I didn’t want to keep waiting on things to happen to me. In Kansas, I was instructed that fulfillment is found in a steady career, in safety and security for myself and my family. And I saw most people around me had only called Kansas home. I had a feeling to leave and see what else is out there. I may or may not have escaped my limited destiny. But I knew for sure I had when I smacked myself around tumbling down the mountain at Yosemite and, like spotting a rainbow in the distant clouds, I saw my purpose. 

When I come back I know that others can break free of the bonds of the limited menu of realities we are shown as Kansans. 

I know we each have unlimited capacity to expand into our infinite potential when we tap into our purpose. I know not only because I read the Bible every day now, but also because I know people like my People of Purpose podcast manager Tom Wilcox who continues to show me the power of transformation through committing to a continual renewal at all costs to his personal plan for his life so he can live in total service and submission to God’s plan for his life.

I also know because I’m learning through teachers like Dr. Joe Dispenza who is using neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics to scientifically explain the process of infinite expansion and manifestation into our God-given potential.Because of Dr. Joe, I know it as fact and truth that listening to your purest, innermost voice will guide and renew your mind to whoever you want to become and wherever you want to go.Because I know these things, I know that I can never again escape my purpose. And because of that, I know that when people come to trust and know me there will be a different destiny available for them if they want to make that choice. 

At 28 years old I carry the world inside me. 

Round after round after round of deep cultural immersion I finally understand my deep responsibility to awaken people from my own culture to their true calling. To teach them how to listen to their hearts. To cultivate intention. To learn how to walk humbly along their own unique paths of purpose. To access the joy that comes when you tune your life to become an instrument of the divine. 

Thanks to a recent Purpose Mapping coaching session with a new mentor and podcast guest Craig Filek and journaling exercises from The One Thing book club I know my most up-to-date purpose word for word:

Tanur Smiling On A Place With Lots Of Tress Around Him

“My purpose is to empower loving trust by connecting, communicating, and elevating as a conduit of pure, unified love and presence. I help people find and fulfill their purpose by imparting wisdom and asking questions that reveal a deeper truer understanding of their reality and a resolve to live out their purpose and potential.”

As I return to Kansas I will be investing in and listening to my deep heart. I will be sharing its voice. I will elevate others who want to sing from theirs. To create space to share in a sweet song together. To harmonize. To meld our melodies. To gather as People of Purpose.

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