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How to Gain the Confidence to Sustain Fulfillment (anytime and anywhere)

A Community Happily Celebrating A Wedding In Thailand

I’m back from my wedding, holidays, and honeymoon. I am married and living with my wife in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

It is so good to be back from the honeymoon with such a wonderful feeling.

I feel completely fulfilled and blessed with life. The culminating experience of having 22 people witness my wedding in my wife’s home village in Thailand and sharing in our group on Phuket island has been years in the making.

Since arriving back into “the real world”, I feel confident knowing that I carry this holistically wonderful experience and feeling in me wherever I go. I can conjure this feeling and draw from it as a resource to continue to put myself in a position to develop grand visions and diligently execute the plans for them to unfold.

I now have a partner to work through this process with.

In the past, when I came back home, I had feared I would feel the lows I used to feel after such a heightened, ecstatic experience. I would come back from a peak experience and feel a sinking feeling that a mountain of work and responsibility awaits me. I guess I’m talking about the concept of coming back from a vacation.

But this time there’s something different...

I know that the work and responsibility I have laid out for myself that I’m now coming back to come from a place of deep purpose. I know that carrying through on my ideas will create wonderfully impactful things that don’t exist in this world.

I don’t go on “vacations” to escape responsibilities anymore. 

I go to refine my outlook on life and experience the fulfillment that comes from such amazing and nourishing connections with people and communities that are living life intentionally, passionately, and joyfully.

The highs that came from a week immersed in these feelings is sustainable because the relationships, partnerships, and inspiration that come from living as my highest and best-self continue to bring about new, unforeseen blessings. These new beginnings continue the cycle of life-giving, purposeful engagements with my work and the people who are touched by it.

My wedding and honeymoons weren’t “vacations” from an otherwise cold crippling reality. These events were the opposite.

It established the foundations for so many relationship dynamics with my wife that I will share and cherish with our family and dearest friends for years and years to come. I’m more confident in our relationship because my wife and I understand each other better. Through immersion in a community of our closest relationships wrapped in transformational experiences, this once in a lifetime week allowed for us to learn about each other through the ways we served her family as they put on our wedding and integrated my friends and family into village life after traveling thousands of miles to Thailand. The integration of it all felt super meaningful.

Engaging with others in the process of building a deeper purpose is what continues to instill me the confidence to sustain fulfillment anytime and anywhere.

There is always the chance to go deeper, be more impactful, and shine my light more brightly. There is an abundance of people who find fulfillment sharing in these kinds of experiences with you. I’m excited to build and create purposeful projects for the world through my relationships.

What’s needed for you to find the confidence to sustain fulfillment with your life?

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