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How Others Strengthen Me to Follow Through For The Kingdom

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Its About Trust

First, trusting yourself, then from that place of self trust, moving forward confidently to trust others.

Actually my first line of trust is God. I need to know in my soul that I’m making macro life decisions from a place of trusting God's guidance. Since I’ve finished grad school and teaching in San Francisco I’ve made some huge decisions out of trust for Gods plan.

Today I want to talk about the past six weeks in this journey of trust.

My new life as a real estate investor started when I moved to San Diego to live with a real estate investor full time. I cold called realtors, met with other investors, and found myself on a plane to Seattle for a three-day investing symposium. We zoned in on a market in New Mexico and road-tripped 12 hours, staying for 12 days in Alamogordo.

There I met with a real estate broker, her contractors, a local financier, called on hard money lenders, and ultimately found a business partner and a deal!

As I took the actions to get my real estate business off the ground I realized how much I needed others. I needed them to trust me and me to trust them. Now I’m buying real estate without my own money in a state I will not be in as I’m six weeks out from moving to Thailand and less than three months away from getting married.

It sounds crazy but I trust that when I have a trusting, mutually beneficial, ongoing relationship with those I work with this will work. It might actually be the only way for this business to work with my life. Matthew, a 33-year old military vet I met at the Seattle symposium, who sold his house and moved into an RV, has agreed to be my money partner and general contractor on the New Mexico house. It’s unbelievable that he’s driving his RV to our house and staying for a month! 

Mentorship & Scale

Last week on my four day investing mentorship with my brother and our mentor Monica I was confronted with the reality that I needed others I could rely upon for this business to scale while I’m in Thailand.

The mentorship shifted my thinking from this being my business to our business. It was loud and clear - I needed to trust others to trust that I could succeed. This was the recipe to follow through in all that God has called me to do. 

It’s inspiring to see how as I trust where God is placing me, he places others in positions to trust me too. To say yes to partnering for life with my fiancé and in business with Matthew and Bryce I have to make the daily choice to trust myself to follow through. It forces me to grow out of my comfort zone and into the practice zone (Last week’s guest Greg Yates’ coaching sweet spot.)

Today I find myself in the highest positions of responsibility I’ve ever had. And they came at a time when the basics of my life are shifting dramatically. I’m getting married, moving to Thailand, and getting a business off the ground.

I’m now a full time entrepreneur with two business partners in real estate and I run a team of four with People of Purpose. I’m responsible to all the people who have invested their time and wisdom into my development into the man I’m constantly becoming. And I’m responsible for my fiancé’s on-boarding to America in what looks to be the spring!

I’m in the mode of hustle, grit, and grind trusting all that has become me to shine.

Leaning On Others

Grand things are already happening. I’ve been blessed with relationships that have allowed me to learn, reflect, and align as I've stayed in a dozen places across seven states this summer sharing in amazing experiences that continually show me to trust Gods amazing plan and people of his kingdom that make it happen. 

It's more clear than ever that I need others to bring these big dreams into reality. I needed Matthew to buy the house because I didn’t have the $12,000 needed to pair up with the lender. I’m unemployed now so I needed Dad to sign the affidavit of support showing that we have enough money for the federal government to feel assured that Noknoi can be taken care of if something were to happen to her. 

As people like last week's guest Greg Yates come into my life I feel blessed and supported knowing that the more I trust and the more I become a person who can be trusted, I actually become a person of Purpose.

And it’s not about the idea of being a person of Purpose as much as it’s about taking the actions to be one every day.  It's these "iron sharpen iron" relationships that are propelling me forward. I find the strength to follow through on my purpose because of the strength of others.


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you. - Matthew 6:33 

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28

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