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How Adversity Has Helped Me Grow

Hello, this week's topic for wellness Wednesday on people of purpose is about how adversity helps you grow as a person.

I'm coming today again from Chicago to share about how dealing with adversity has helped me tremendously. Most recently in the last year. Everyone kind of knows at this point, I think, my story about falling down a mountain in Yosemite and getting searched and rescued and getting my life back again. That was very powerful, obviously in a lot of adversity with that, but I wanted to tap into something more micro this time. And that's about my fiance and I, hes visa process. Recently we have experienced a lot of hardship around getting a visa. She has gotten denied twice for tourist visas and what that's done is it's caused us to do a lot of soul searching as a couple and really determine if we're right for each other and has caused us to ask a lot of tough questions.

She is from Thailand. She's always lived in Thailand. I am an American. I have the ability to live in Thailand, but she has no ability or right at this moment to come to my country in America as we tried to get her to visit my family. It failed twice even after hiring an attorney. And so what that's caused me to do is sit in a lot of pain and feel a lot of pressure and have to make a lot of decisions. And after about three weeks of, really being in a cloud of unknown sort of feeling, we were able to finally commit and say, yeah, what we got to do is we got to go for it. We got to commit to each other and the rest will figure itself out. And that's what we've done. So in February, I flew to Thailand and I got engaged. And that comes with a lot of personal growth. Now that I am viewing myself as in a lifelong partnership, I am actually making a lot of decisions right now in my life, better geared towards our financial future, our spiritual future, and our physical location future.

This is my example of how adversity has helped me grow as a person.

I have finished my master's degree and I've headed into creating, two businesses right now and I am going to be spending my summer living with a real estate investor in San Diego and all of this is to get married in Thailand in November and I want to finance our wedding and I want to pay for the visa process so that she can come here and get the green card and have the same freedoms that we have. So it's a huge process, a big journey we're on. But I'm grateful for the adversity that is causing me to grow so much as a person. This week I'm actually making my rounds through the country to visit people. I'm a teacher this year, so I'm on my summer break and I'm building out my businesses online right now. So I'm in Chicago with a couple of really good lifelong friends that are couple of older women and we're just talking about a lot of things related to wisdom and purpose and growth and drive and future. And all of these sort of big topics.

So I'm really grateful for adversity, helping me to wake up and to become a better person than I am today. Thank you for listening.

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