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Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over Again

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Written by April Mae Casida (PoP’s Web and Media Assistant)

I am 28 years old. I have finished my studies and earned a degree. I have worked in the corporate industry for more than six years in big companies. Until I have finally decided that it is not the place I wanted to be for the rest of my life. So I left everything behind.

Was it an easy decision? No.

I am the bread-winner of the family, and leaving my work is nothing but a risk. Where will I get the money to pay the bills? How can I support our needs? There are tons of questions that ran through my head that time -- questions that I repeatedly ask myself. After all, I am still an ordinary adult who needs to face the realities of life.

It takes a lot of courage to go on a path different from where you thought you would be.

I used to see myself working in the corporate industry for many years. Maybe travel for work, save up some money, buy a new home, and all the stuff you plan to have a secured future. But along the way, as you get older and wiser, meet new people, experience and discover things, realizations will come to you in places and times that you’ve never imagine.

If you were to ask me if I ever felt afraid taking that leap? It’s a Y-E-S.

Aside from the expense considerations, leaving my corporate jobs means I need to start all over again. I was 26 at that time when I decided to take a different direction in life. I don’t have a concrete plan, and all I have wanted to do is rest. My mind is tired. My body is tired. I am exhausted, and I just want life to give me a break.

It was at this point that I started to question myself about the things I wanted to do. I have wanted to learn more about myself, the things I would enjoy doing, the things I will excel. The only way to know the answers to those questions is to go outside my comfort zone and try different things.

But I am honestly afraid.

I am old (but not quite old), but I feel like someone who was straight out of university. I was not sure if I am capable of learning new things outside the degree I have finished. Will someone trust me, given that I have no prior experience or so what? What if I failed on this? What if it does not work out?

But you see, I later realized that nothing comes from worrying.

I asked myself why I am worrying over things that are not even happening yet. Worrying is wasting precious time that you could have used instead to take action on the goals you want to achieve.

Things will not always work the way we want them to be. But the thing is, you always have the choice to start over again. Allow yourself to be a beginner. Embrace the feeling of not knowing what lies ahead. It’s okay to be clueless and ignorant at some point.

What if I fail? Fine. What if things don’t work out? Fine as well.

Each failure bears an important lesson that you will take as you move forward. These failures make you wiser the next time. Just as they say, the experience is the best teacher. So don’t be afraid to fail. Every time you fall, pick yourself and say to yourself, let’s do this again. There’s no limit as to how many times you can try. So dust it off and bravely start over.

Afraid of being judged by others?

Remember that you are doing this for yourself and not for others. Life is an endless journey of learning. No matter how long it takes you, as long as you put your heart and dedication into whatever you do, you will arrive at your destination. You will be where you are supposed to be.

Getting started is always the hardest part. But once you get over it, you will see the endless possibilities and opportunities that await you. Starting over again does not mean you fail or you are weak. It takes great courage and bravery to start from the beginning.

New beginnings are a sign of hope. It opens a path for you to learn from your mistakes and to chase your dreams. So get up on your feet, raise your chin, and don’t be afraid to start over again.

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