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A New Sense Of Urgency

Boy Marveled By The City Lights

"For the first time, we have the necessary capability, technology and resources to address almost every fundamental problem on this planet, including concerns about nourishment, health, education, and the environment. Never before was this possible. Everything is in place, but the only thing missing is human willingness to make it happen."  - Sadhguru

This was something Sadhguru said over our weekend together.

We are the first generation ever to have all the capabilities to solve all the world's problems. But the window is closing.

70% of us are on chemicals, substances, and life-numbing medications. When that moves moving to 90% we lose our ability to ever go back and bring a world-changing sense of collective purpose. That's because we need to be awake, alive, and present to life in order to capture the higher collective consciousness that will allow us to intentionally put our resources and opportunities to the benefit of others and our world.

I'm on a mission to wake people up to their purpose for the sake of the world today and for the near-future. Living purposefully and creating purposeful living in others is a responsibility I'm bearing. Listen to this special episode reflections on the Sadhguru Seminar on People of Purpose podcast here to learn more.

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