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Those Who Inspired Me 5: Dr.Joel Vos

Floating Hands Trying To Hold Mans Head

Dr. Joel Vos has made it his life's mission to be a person of purpose. From his schooling to his career and even into his personal life.

Joel works with cancer patients and those with cardiovascular disease to give them a reboot on living a life that is meaningful to them. This is important to note, as so often we feel life our lives should feel meaningful because it fits the world's standards, but they don't because they don't fit our own.

This is the exact thing Joel Vos is working against! He wants people to feel in control of their lives. Like they are living them for themselves, not to fit other peoples standards of "meaning".

The interview was an excellent reminder to continue to live life at the fullest, and for giving ourselves meaning, not others. I certainly felt solidarity with Dr. Vos for how he continues to live a life outside the box and is finding massive success and changing people's lives with his unique paradigm on healing with purpose at the center.

Listen to our interview here.

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