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Those Who Inspired Me 32: Rob Feakins

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

Rob Feakins At The Top Of A Mountain Range

Getting to interview Rob Feakins was an extraordinary experience.

The way that he gets to highlight stories of people and tell them in a way that shows their transformation through struggle is tremendous.

He epitomizes a lot of what it means to be a person of purpose, going into communities and even deeper into his own. He immerses himself in what he does and tells a story that is unique, original, and wonderful, and highlights the impact of the work that other people are doing.

He talks about a poacher turned kind of protector. He teaches entrepreneurship. They do training on starting up a mission and a brand as well as creating content.

He had a lot of great insights about the importance of perspective, how perspective leads to gratitude and the importance of volunteering.

He even goes as far as to say that he's not even sure how you can be purposeful without volunteering. So much of what he does is pro bono work at Kotz. He works for nonprofits and charities doing some of the work that's needed most.

I loved the cool transformation that Rob has undergone.

From being a creative content director that manages 800 people and handles advertisements for big brands such as Facebook and Porsche, to going to Nepal by himself, telling the story of a villager, shooting at cost as a one-man crew, and learning all the skills he needs.

A lot of People of Purpose listeners are kind of in a similar mindset about purpose.

People said that if we want to be impactful, we have to be leading a huge crew. We have to be working on big-dollar things. We need to be having things that are being seen by millions of people. But what Rob does is he creates a huge and exponential level impact on charities, fundraisers, and donations by highlighting how people are being impacted by telling their stories versus just a campaign to raise money.

Rob talks about 600 times of engagement. He's highlighting posts that are just basic images with stories. He shows the real video of what it is like to be in that village and what it feels to come from the environment that they have.

His organization, For All Humankind, is a tremendous opportunity to highlight people's stories.

Seeing how he came into People of Purpose as a listener and how he has asked to be a guest is a testament to his courage to reach out and step out of his comfort zone. Rob does this to highlight his own story on a platform that we've built to highlight people's stories. He does this so that the people that run nonprofits and charities can have someone like Rob who brings forth a tremendous wealth of skill sets and who tells their stories through film.

It's full circle to see the power of telling and uplifting someone else's story to uplift other's stories to change the world for the better. I loved everything about this interview with Rob Feakins. I hope that you enjoy it just as much as I did.

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