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Those Who Inspired Me 30: Wendy Yates

Wendy Yates Sitting With A Wooden Wall Background

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

Getting to interview Wendy Yates was such an incredible experience.

She's such a refreshing voice amid with what's going on with COVID and so forth.

At the time of the interview, she makes me want to get back to traveling, having deep cultural immersion, and volunteering on mission-based projects.

Interestingly, Wendy also works in luxury sustainable interior design, owns multiple businesses, and is involved in real estate development. I see a lot of myself in that. It is great to feel motivated and validated for what I'm doing right now across the board in my life.

Like we always say, we're doing People of Purpose, we're building community with that, we're adding value, we're sharing stories, and it is spectacular and beautiful.

Just like how Wendy is involved in real estate development, I'm also working on real estate investing to put food on the table and become financially free and build wealth. It's just cool to be validated that you can work in these seemingly separate worlds. But you can take those principles that you know are at the heart of a purpose-driven life and become a passionate, value-adding person and contributor in those spaces.

I admire that Wendy's been doing that for so long. She's got this hustle-grind mindset, but she seems to be so balanced and level headed in how she does it. I seek to become wise the way that she is.

She's presenting such an exceptional opportunity for people that are reading the People of Purpose blog or listening to the People of Purpose podcast.

This opportunity involves gathering in a community in one of these astonishing spaces in central or South America, eating local cuisine while volunteering in a project that would significantly benefit the community.

Wendy opens the opportunity to work with local founders, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits to create an impact while having this retreat-like experience of personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

This community sharing in stories and conversations in superb atmospheres experience is available for such an affordable price. She mentioned that the average cost is just over $2,000 to do this whole immersive experience.

It would be beautiful to bring the People of Purpose team and community, and anyone else that feels called to take what they're learning from being on a purpose-driven path into these retreats facilitated by Wendy. Gathering people in a place where they can learn what another culture has to share and give from figuring you out on their own with their circumstances and their resources would be phenomenal.

The world that Wendy is creating is beautiful, and I'm super excited to get to collaborate with her in this and bring everyone else on board who wants to.

I appreciate everything that the people are contributing to our social media channels with the reviews that I'm reading. I feel inspired and motivated to continue doing this work and sharing stories like hers because it always is worth it.

Wendy Yates has a beautiful outlook on life and such a bright disposition.

I'm super excited to share this refreshing inspired interview with People of Purpose's, Wendy Yates.

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