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Those Who Inspired Me 27: Daan Gorter

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP's Creator & Host)

Daan Gorter Striking A Pose In A Suit

Meeting Daan Gorter is both an incredible and very transformative experience for me. Getting to see this man who comes from a very relatable background and to know of what he's working on today, how he's allowing his life to be guided, and how he surrenders to a process is beautiful.  It's all such a parallel to the experience I've gone through as a blogger and now podcast host for the last four years. I have developed visions that are extremely aligned to Daan's visions and I'm mesmerized and taken back by the beauty of that. I found somebody that's leading and facilitating mastermind groups for the biggest change-makers, as well as creating the Village of the Future. It is a community of purposeful personal development driven individuals that want to live in an eco-friendly way with the earth and that want to live in abundance, want to co-create their system of wealth and currency and redistribution. It is beautiful to see that that's not just something that's some far off impossibility but is happening now. To meet somebody who's working on that at a high level and who is fully ingrained in the business of creating this community is incredible. I have always felt this sense of surety with the podcast that I would be meeting people like Daan. I just didn't know when or how it would look, but it's here.  Daan makes it clear throughout the podcast interview that the consciousness, the transformation, the purpose-driven spirit is here and it's alive and well, and it's reached a tipping point to where we can formulate communities with this We can rethink the way we educate people. We can live from a different source of consciousness outside of just our mind and our materialism, but from a place that's a deep experience within our body that's connected to our creator that gives back and values the land. He's pieced together all these kinds of things that I've been so deeply on a journey towards like writing, self-revelation, Christianity, and being able to recognize my creator. And then finding peace and stillness through meditation and travel experiences with meaningful relationships to now real estate and entrepreneurship, and most recently mastermind groups. Just bringing all that together into one place that's a physically realized community is just incredible. I look forward to your experience listening to this interview with Daan. I'd love to hear from you afterward about how this transformed you as well. I hope and I know that you will get a lot out of listening to my wonderful interview with People of Purpose's Daan Gorter.

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