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Those Who Inspired Me 26: Franki Doll-Olinger

Franki Olinger With A Splash of Colorful Hair and Tattoos Sitting In The Rocks

Franki Olinger's journey into purpose is so incredible.

The way that she was able to transform from such a rock bottom place, a life being just abused and lost, and having no faith in God to having a boyfriend commit suicide right in front of her eyes is inspiring.

I felt an incredible feeling to be able to see how possible it is, to be honest, and vulnerable about your brokenness and about what you haven't forgiven and to transform yourself through those little bread crumbs that contribute to your purpose.

The way Franki can outline where she is at now, where she's headed, what she does to find the truth, and how she helps people to find their truth, specifically this exercise on generational healing that she brings us through in the episode is beyond impressive.

She has life-changing advice on wisdom, purpose, and passion.

She is a person that if you tapped into her story, guidance, and mentorship, you are going to be in a completely different place. I am happy and honored to have had Franki on the People of Purpose podcast.

I encourage you to dig into this episode and to reach out to her because she is absolutely going to change your life.

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