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Those Who Inspired Me 22: Quinntin Ruiz and George Lantay

Quinntin and George Smiling Brightly With Their Hero University Mentees

It was so great to be able to spend quality time with Quinn and George and learn about Hero University, how they're laying out this grand vision to truly impact the next generation of students and the way that they go through college.

I found a lot of synchronicity and alignment with the choices they've made in their life to get to this point.

Quinn and George are super young entrepreneurs. They are both 24 years old and are creating a university in Bali with an army of mentors and financial backers.

It is very impressive to me to see their ingenuity and their fortitude for being such young people and then being able to hear like how they got into where they are today.

From being traditional college students and foregoing graduate school to reframing their master's program to be a program of personal development, going to meditations and yoga, traveling around the world, and engaging in deep and purposeful work in collaborative environments.

They are very on-purpose and mindful about the ecosystem that they create in their lives.

They are now ready to help create the lives of these students who go into their program. It is admirable to be able to step into their shoes.

I loved what we have said about the entrepreneurial mindset, the shift that happens, and the points that were made around learning your emotions and developing emotional regularity and intelligence to be able to elevate your consciousness as a tool for making your more intuitive decisions. There's just so much alignment in what we're doing in our current lives as entrepreneurs and kind of how we've gotten there. It just resonated with me as someone that has had to lean on these tools within getting married, moving to the US with my wife from Thailand, and investing in People of Purpose and my real estate business.

I am a full-time entrepreneur and it felt exceptional to be able to reflect with them on how we are all entrepreneurs in our rights, how we're all designing our lives, and how we're all moving our way forward in the most intentional conscious ways we can. The beauty that comes from meeting people and seeing how much alignment we have in terms of vision is very special. It makes me grateful to be able to have a podcast to get a share of this and hold this sort of space for these kinds of high-level discussions that take place.

As you listen to their podcast episode, I hope that their words resonate with you at a deep level. If they do, please share with someone in your life who needs to listen to this podcast, who needs to enroll in this school, or who needs to take my course that I'm going to create on purposeful podcasting.

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