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Those Who Inspired Me 19: Jim Thebaut

Jim Thebaut In A Rocky Mountain Location With His Crew

Talking with Jim Thebaut today was such a blessing.

He is such a wise, experienced man and I appreciate the way he has followed his path of purpose which is being at the forefront of environmental change for more than 50 years.

It may be hard to hear it on the audio interview, but if you get the chance to see the video of our interview which will be on our Instagram page, you will see a glimpse of how he carries a warm-hearted, joyful, grounded, contented feeling with him.

I felt incredible and I appreciate getting to share that space with him. It’s not too often that you got to talk to somebody who is an expert in their field for 50 years.

He planted some seeds in me to look for some small ways in which I can change my relationship with the environment and be more purposeful in a way that I think and act locally.

There are times where Jim has been overwhelmingly detailed on his insights about what we are seeing in the environment. But this just shows how informed and dedicated he is and I respect him so much for that. I hope that you see the underlying message in this interview.

It is dedicating yourself to a cause, a cause that matters, a cause that affects us all.

We should also continue to find ways so that your gift can shine and you can allow your purpose to come through with what you are doing.

Jim captures and embodies his philosophy extremely well. He has a higher purpose that supports the non-profit organization he does. He allows himself to be open to receiving funding which then allows him to travel around the world and develop crews and teams that brings him forward.

It was also incredible to hear that Jim is so disciplined that he wakes up at 4 every morning and goes to the gym.

He makes a point that you need to take care of yourself and set yourself up to be someone that can be purposeful.

There are so many nuggets of wisdom from Jim and I hope you enjoy listening to the interview as much I enjoyed doing it.

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