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Those Who Inspired Me 15: Jesse Gould

Soldier Helmets Placed On Top Of A Table

Meeting Jesse Gould today was a great experience. Jesse is a commendable person because he was once so lost in his purpose that he went and did this radical thing of going to Peru.

He ended up doing this two-week experience in the jungle to drink Ayahuasca and engage in a retreat led by a shaman. He has come out of it so changed that he no longer struggles with the PTSD of being in the military.

Jesse is fully dedicated to this vehicle he created called the Heroic Hearts Project which aims to help veterans who are in the same situation. He lived in Columbia when he started up, but is now moving to New York for the project. The way he directs his life from purpose is commendable and it is something I pay close attention to as he expresses how he found his purpose and why he does the Heroic Hearts Project.

Although Jesse expresses, lives in, and finds his purpose in a very esoteric way, it is highly relatable because of the way that he sees purpose as his day to day interaction of being the best version of ourselves. I love this! He lifts those around him in his community to find themselves again and to overcome all self debilitating negative beliefs, suicidal ideations, and trauma and eventually find their purpose. What Jesse does on a day to day basis is amazing and illuminating.

I hope that you can listen to this interview with an open mind because this is the future. Psychedelics are making their way into modern medicine and Jesse with his Heroic Hearts Project is at the forefront. I hope that you find your sense of purpose as you listen to this interview with Jesse Gould.

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