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Practice of Purpose 3 : The Aum Practice

Man Practicing Meditation In A Hallway

Aum practice

This is a practice to connect with the universal.

I believe that those who are the most engaged in life are in touch with "universal consciousness". Because when they are connected to this "universal" that they feel empowered to move it forward purposefully.

Here's How Sadhguru Taught Me

First focus on the navel area and for seven times make an Ahhhh sound. After that shift the focus to the throat and for seven times make an oooh sound. Finally do seven rounds focusing at the tip of the nose making an mmm sound.

After that make the sound altogether beginning with ahhh and fluidly transition to oooohh and mmmmm while simultaneously shifting your focus and giving each section equal length of time, makeing the complete Aum sound (Ahhhh ooooohhh mmmm) 21 times.

This practice builds richness, power, and intelligence in harmony in the body and connects this united feeling inside with the sound of the universe outside. He says that doctors use this to heal patience. Try it for a week and see how connected you feel. 

I highly recommend this seven-part course. You can try the course I did with Sadhguru here

A Personal Update

I’ve recently become a part of a storytelling class that meets one evening per week in an artist loft called the Writing Pad led by a host of the Moth Podcast. I love the sense of community we build in that space as we each share our five minute stories to the group for feedback.

Doing this I’ve come to better understand the joys of creativity and the collective power of vulnerability.

Being Authentic

It takes so much of both to be authentic to yourself and to be relatable to your audience.

Our group of ten makes the time spent with each other so special as we get these magical; whimsically beautiful glimpses into each other’s lives. I’ve also taken notice of how some of our warmup games are great icebreakers. I hope at a future PoP Retreat we can take some of these principles of authentic community building and stimulate such creativity and collective joy, love, and trust. 

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