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Practice of Purpose 7 : Shambhavi Mahmudra

Group Of People Practicing Shambhavi Mahmudra

Six months ago I attended Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering course.  (You can listen to my experience on this People of Purpose podcast episode.)

He gave me a morning meditation and yoga practice I’ve done almost every morning since. He just shared results of a medical study they did on practitioners of shambhavi. I learned that Doing this 30 minute practice everyday has a 4x neurotrophic increase in the morning from the average person, reduced inflammatory response, and a very unique mixture of calm wakefulness.

Here's What I've Found

It’s the only style of meditation that deeply calms while significantly increasing brain activity and functionality. 

Shambhavi draws from within - an inner source of energy that is sooo much more preferable than the temporary stimulation of coffee or alcohol or whatever I’ve used in the past to get in touch with whatever state I deem necessary for the situations life throws me. No substance comes as close as energizing from a mindful centeredness as shambhavi.

This year I have been able to function with less sleep and learned that I have a deep commitment to excellence to accomplish. I know now I have a deeper reservoir to access what I need to continually live from excellence. I write and respond from the heart consistently after six months of shambavi. I love from my source center with an extra layer of wakefulness, a buzzing vibration that brings me into communion with my creator.  I am disciplined like never before. Abundant energy is concentrated within.

It’s been amazing to learn how to harness energy when the demands and external stimuli of San Fran can be so dissipating on my energy. Bright lights, loud sounds, negative people, huge responsibilities, etc don’t overwhelm me anymore. I wasn’t sure I would back to this level of capability after my brain injuries. But I’m back and I’m roaring.

You can learn more about how and why to do Shambhavi practice here.

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