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I'm Engaged!!!

I just completed a week-long trip to Thailand to ask the permission from my girlfriend’s family to propose to her.

I sat with 10 members of her family as I memorized a mini-speech in Thai that I nervously recited, to my surprise what I said came out completely comprehensively.

We got the blessing!

From there her and I went to Koh Lanta island where we met more friends and I eventually proposed at the beach. As a little boy I never dreamed I would be doing this kind of thing halfway across the world. Boy does it feel special to tie our lives together and do so in a way that respects my fiance's culture which is totally different than where I come from.

We have another six months and 7,000 miles apart, but I know we can do it after we’ve already done a one year and another of nine months in our long distance relationship. I feel so lucky to have this lady in my life and I’m so excited for all the beauty and zest this relationship will bring to our lives.

Stay tuned for a solo episode on the podcast to learn the principles of how to find and nurture a special relationship!

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