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How A New Prayer Has Ushered in a Wave of Purposeful Success

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

Tanur Badgley Smiling Brightly With His Lovely Wife

I have been praying a prayer that is having a profound impact on my life.

In the past four weeks, I spent half my usual time getting ready. I have not been formally meditating for any significant length of time, and amazing miracles and breakthroughs are happening in my personal and professional life. Best of all, I feel happy and content in my core and know the best is coming.

There have certainly been all these outward signs of success.

Since starting this prayer, we have signed a lease between the three of us business partners. My wife converted our AirBnB to a long term rental. I have averaged sleeping 8 hours a day, and I have not had to make a chiropractic crack to feel better. We also have sold our first two deals, and have interviewed and hired our first employees in the company.

Although I am still in credit card debt, my wife still cannot work, and we have been working incredibly hard and long hours without making any personal money from our three-month startup, I feel very well internally. These outward temporary things that exist now pail in comparison to the incredible reservoir of wealth I am focused on and feeling inside. Each time I pray this prayer, I become more confident, emotionally balanced, decisive, and fully able to receive and accept all the blessings that have come and are coming.

I learned this prayer from an online real estate course I am taking called Astroflipping with Josiah Grimes.

Josiah devotes an entire 45-minute module to this prayer and how implanting it to his daily and nightly routines is the secret that allows for his greatest goals to be continuously achieved. In the video, he explains that he has been a Christian who grew up in a devoted loving Christian family. Like me, Josiah went to youth groups and camps and gave his life to Christ at a young age.

When he committed to the business, however, he put his faith more in big goals and action.

He found himself not able to get his real estate business off the ground. He shadowed people’s businesses, read book after book, took all the courses, but something was not working. So he started asking successful real estate business people whom he admired to know what else they were doing that was not in the books and courses. He said that time after time, he would find their secret sauce was the following prayer that has also been changing my life.

This prayer usually does not involve more than 10 minutes of my time and can be done anywhere in any position - although I like to do it kneeling at the foot of the bed in the dark.

First, begin the prayer by first expressing gratitude to God for all he has given you that has brought you here where you are today.

Feel the feelings of thankfulness; identify the specific things that make you feel specific forms of gratitude - awe, reverence, inspiration, wonder - just bask in the magic of it all. As you bring this awareness into the present and speak out what this awareness of gratitude is with the tone and enthusiasm of the feeling, you will shift into a place where you begin to surrender your life and plans to God.

The second part of the prayer - surrender my will to his.

God is an awesome creator, and he has greater plans than we can ever imagine. We get lost in short term specific goals thinking we need to hit x profit margin by x date or help x person by x date to feel like we are on track with our purpose. Josiah points out the many verses that speak to the plans God has for us for good - to prosper and thrive. The trick to having big plans take shape in your life is allowing them to take shape, not forcing them before it ripened.

The third phase of the prayer is to ask for forgiveness.

God sent his one and only son Jesus to live as a human in this world, and he died for our sins. Once we believe this, we no longer have to prove ourselves in the world. Too often, we seek to replace our sinful actions with "good" deeds, and we miss the root of it.

We must forgive ourselves because Christ has forgiven us.

If we do not, this is how trauma forms. If something you did was wrong and it makes you feel guilty, and your choice is to bury it or cover it with good actions, you have planted a weed that will continue to fester and grow. No matter what good deeds you plant, its growth and health will be diminished by the weeds around it. We must hand over the soil of our hearts to God so he can prune our gardens. Without forgiving ourselves, we cannot truly grow and prosper fully.

Next is to forgive others.

Similarly to forgiving yourself, it is only after we have genuinely forgiven others that we can move on with 100% trust and faith in God's abilities to use our lives for their purpose and potential. When you hold grudges, you eventually bury this resentment, and eventually, your anger and bitterness will come back bubbling to the surface.

We are not to judge others.

We must be unoffendable and trust that God is fulfilling his promises to working on their hearts in his plan in his time. Their resistance or their negative influences is no excuse for us to blame others for our negative judgments and resentments.

After you have spoken aloud the truth as to the situation in your heart and mind right in this very moment and experienced the feeling of letting go, your grip on your life and the life of others shift into thanking God for forgiving you.

It is a beautiful thing to know that God put his one and only son on this earth to experience life as we experience it and to die on our behalf.

Even Jesus did not want to go to the cross, he continued to pray for his father’s will, not his own. Because of this, we are forgiven once we put our faith and trust in the promises of Jesus.

If you have not made it here yet in your walk of faith, imagine what it would feel like to know that your father no longer holds any resentment or judgment for your wrongdoings.

Would you let go of the guilt, shame, judgment, and bitterness? Would you be open to substituting them out for love and appreciation for your father and the grace he has given you to have another chance? It is a beautiful feeling to know you are forgiven and to let go of the sadness and the hurt you had been holding inside for the person you have been (or not been). Thank God for granting you a new life every time you say this prayer.

Finally, after I reach this place of having a blank slate, of getting back to still eternal presence with this moment and my feeling of having a purpose, it is time to dwell in my creator’s love and all the amazing things he has planned for my future.

I pray expectantly knowing that the plans are already here and continually on their way. This is where I get specific to the root of my goals. What is behind the immense drive for x profit by x date? Why do I work without an income to build this business? Why wake up early to create a podcast episode?

Take time here to imagine your abilities to give more to others.

Imagine the abundance that comes with having your financial needs met. The time you will have to raise your kids, pursue your passion, hone in, and express your purpose. Whatever is on your heart at the source of your goals is where your true inspiration lies. This is where those seeds of purpose, passion, and love live and grow. Take time to water them and give them the attention they deserve.

At this point, certain confidence tends to wash over me during the prayer where I just know that I’m on the path that has been carved out for me.

I know I am becoming the person of purpose I have been called to be. I know God’s goodness and trust his hands over the plans of my life. There are no more weeds, and there is no more way that I would not succeed when I have faithfully given over my life to God.

At this point, I usually lift my hands high and praise God for all that he is doing in my life and everyone’s lives.

I am now plugged into such an awesome source of power, and I’m surging with radiant pure positive energy. I recommend you take a final moment to dream big, go eternal, and get up with a knowingness that you have already arrived.

As you do this prayer, you will start to see what is coming before it is here.

Be ready to receive it once it has arrived. You would not get distracted by the false metrics of success the world heralds because you know the feeling of genuine success. You are already receiving your gift being connected to the source of success. You will be living from your purpose, and that is when you’ll be ready to give it to those leaning in and taking notice.

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