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Wellness Wednesday 2: How We Treat Our Brain

Hello, it's Tanner, your people purpose podcast host.

Welcome all you people of purpose. I just got done with a morning meditation session and today's topic on wellness Wednesday is about how we treat our brains right through exercise, eating right and mindfulness. I wanted to share a little bit about how I do that and hopefully can inspire a healthier day for you today.

So I began my mornings, by trying to, become one with my brain. I try to understand what the patterns are and I try to quiet it so that it can listen. I think that the brain is wisest when it can tap into the intuition and the heart and not just think its way through everything.

Don't get me wrong. It's great to think it's great to learn and study. I do a lot of that, but I think we should slow it all down so you could have a new starting point for how you're going to build your day.

And meditation is definitely the way I do that.

I do a lot of different varieties. It doesn't matter too much. What you do just put in the time, sit on a mat, sit up straight, close the eyes and just feel, you can let thoughts come and go. You can have a focal point for your breath. It's really up to you. I used the calm meditation app. (get a link) I use some different meditations that I've learned from people like SOC guru and in my mindfulness and yoga course in India, I also took a 10 day Vipassana meditation course in Thailand.

So I have a variety of things I like to use and I just kind of decide based on, if I need more focus or if I need more intention or if I need more self understanding or just more quieting the chatter and just becoming present. So I really encourage all of that.

And as far as eating healthy and exercising, I start off every morning with exercise, then either run or go on a bike ride. I prefer to stretch and do some pushups and some core work, before I do any of my meditation so that the blood's really flowing and you're really cleansing out all those toxins and just loosening up your body for the start of the day.

And then for eating, I think it's really important to eat a good diet. make sure that you are staying well hydrated. I think that's extremely key, to feeling better is if you have enough water in your system, enough fluids, you're feeling vibrant, you're thriving and that's all really important to the betterment of your brain and your thought patterns and all of that.

And then also I always start off with some honey and some lemon. I put lemon in my water and then I put a spoonful of honey.

And what that does is that cleanses out a lot of toxins alkalizes your body so it puts it to the right pH and it raises your blood sugar so that you can do some of these things like running and stretching and meditation without feeling too hungry. and I drink it like 10 to 12 ounces of water before I start any of that. Then I do all that. I eat my breakfast, I try to eat things that are high protein, high fiber, try to get some probiotics.

I like kombucha a lot. Sometimes I eat yogurt and some eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes and onions. I definitely love oatmeal. I like to put dates, bananas and blueberries, some cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. I like to cook the oatmeal with almond milk or soy milk, or Dairy milk. It's really up to you. but don't eat too much either to where you're just gonna feel sluggish. You want to get to the right amount. and then ultimately your brain knows what it needs. So reduce the stress and if you have the stress, step away from it for a second and become internal and really understand, where you stand right now. Like, are you feeling full and whole or do you need something more? And if you need something more, is that something you can do for yourself right in this moment or is that just a desire that's not here yet? and if you can do that through more water and more food, go ahead. But, oftentimes we just gotta be patient and we wait until the next good feeling comes. But when that comes, really focus on that because that is where you start to build a positive mindset and intentionality and you start to live out your true purpose. And the goal of all this is to live true from your purpose. So I really encourage each of you guys to let me know on our Facebook page or Instagram page, how you contribute to the betterment of your brain on this wellness Wednesday.

And I hope to catch you all, on the next podcast episode on Saturday, where we have, some professional coaches that help with people's, Brain patterns and thought patterns on a one on one basis.

I really encourage you to begin to work with Tina and Julie cause they're awesome people, highly recommend them. One of my friends is starting to work with them. And be on the lookout for Betterhelp it's our new, affiliate partner and I got a lot to say about them today. I had my first, counseling session with my fiance. So we're beginning our premarital counseling and I'll talk more about that later tonight. I hope you guys have an awesome Wednesday, and here's to a wellbeing day where we treat our brains well and enjoy life.

Here's to becoming people of purpose!

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