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Finding Myself through Writing and Reading by Haven Simnitt

A Woman Reading And Writing With A Cup Of Coffee

Recently, I've been doing quite a bit of writing. Mostly creative, but even in that, I've found that writing is a window into my brain.

Often times when I sit down with free time to write, it becomes a world that I love and that I don't want to leave. As I continue the story over time, it doesn't become something I have to finish, it becomes a world I can't wait to return to.

The mind is a powerful place that is capable of so many beautiful things; one of which is being able to escape. That is why I believe we find reading so relaxing, because no matter how stressful the book is, it's an escape from our own lives. We'd rather deal with fictional stress than our own. Whether you read as a hobby or religiously, grasping at any book you reach, you find yourself somehow.

Reading often ends in not being able to look at the world the way you did before, which means you have to be grounded in who you are as a person before gallivanting off to other worlds. I've done this by digging myself into God's word; the ultimate story.

Ever heard the phrase "To good to be true"? Not this story. I never thought that finding some supernatural being that resides in the heavens would help bring me closer to myself, but that's exactly what happened. When I found God, He helped me find myself amidst the world's chaos.

I'm who I want to be, but most importantly, I am who he wants me to be. I have a ways to go, and I'm no where near perfect, but with God he isn't worried about perfection, just progress.

Haven Simnitt, People of Purpose's Social Media Manager

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