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PoP Book Review: Living with The Monks by Jesse Itzler

Living With The Monks By New York Times Best Selling Author Jesse Itzler

Thanks Jesse Itzler! 

I’ve been reading Jesse’s book Living with the Monks recently, Jesse is an incredible adventurer of life and this New York Times bestselling book is an amazing account of his two weeks living with Christian monks in upstate New York. It’s an amazing book that I highly recommend. 

He has this thought at the end that I will attempt to summarize: The mother of all motivators is the need to do something you are called to do. Devote yourself to it and you will attune yourself to all the sensory input that will bring you success. 

I really like this. It resonates with me.

When your internal focus is so strong you see all the hidden blessings and opportunities and you can start to maximize them. I did this before starting this podcast by living as a vagabond for about a year. At that time I was reading books, meeting people, traveling the world with my best friends, and going into life changing experiences I wanted so badly.

The result was People of Purpose!

What are your thoughts?!

Have you read the book? What value did you find in it? Tell us in the comments below!

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