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Year In Review Takeaway : Purpose Is The Precursor To Success

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Your confidence is your subconscious belief system.

It is not about how hard you can work, even though hard work is involved.

It is about doing the right work, cutting down the right tree with a sharp saw.

Increasingly, it’s about doing inspired and truly profound work. In relationships and opportunities and experiences, it’s about being connected to yourself, the moment, and the right people. That’s when 100X success happens. It doesn’t just happen by putting in the time.

Make a decision. Design your life to match that decision. Eliminate decision fatigue from your life.

Hence, Napoleon Hill further had it right in Think and Grow Rich when he said, “Definiteness of Purpose is that starting point of all achievement.”

  • The bigger your confidence, the more willing you become to transform yourself into what you truly believe and want.

  • The bigger your confidence, the less you identify with who you were and the more you identify with who you intend to be —- This is so important.

Confidence requires that you pursue and succeed at the right things.

To determine the right things to pursue, you need to be connected to your deeper more intuitive self. You need to give yourself time and space for reflection, prayer, meditation. The reason “meditation” is considered a key to success is because those who take the time to do it are simply more connected to themselves.

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