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Wellness Wednesday 4: Taking Steps Back to Go Forward

Hello people of purpose. This week's wellness Wednesday topic is about how I've been able to take a step back in my life to take a step forward.

I want to share with you on this beautiful sunny afternoon in San Diego. a bit of a story.

So I was forced to take a step back and I hope that you don't have to be forced as much as I was, but I got a concussion back in February, 2015 I was working a job I didn't like. I had had a Bad breakup and I was pretty much feeling purposeless. It was wintertime in Minnesota and I hit my head really hard and that caused me to take a step back.

I ended up spending about four weeks in a dark room, wearing sunglasses anytime I went out while I was healing from my concussion. But during that step back, I taught myself meditation. I was doing YouTube, singing bowls, meditations, and I taught myself how to create a vision. And I really learned and internalized that my vision was to become a teacher, to live in a place that had more of an Eastern mindset on living, a slower pace with warm weather and would help me to heal my body and my mind and my spirit. And that's what led me to teach English in Thailand.

After taking that step back and being able to reflect and know exactly what I wanted to head into, I was able to quit my job, become a summer camp counselor barback at an awesome place in downtown Minneapolis, and then head off for Thailand. Being gone for 15 months without coming back to the U S was incredibly life changing. And I wish all of you to do something that is a big deal to you like that. It doesn't have to be exactly what I did, but taking a step back, a step out, a step forward towards your authentic vision is a big reason why I started people of purpose.

So that's my wellness Wednesday topic. Let me know your wellness Wednesday topics, in the comments below and I'm excited for you to use today's thought provoking topic, and see how you can take even small steps back so that you can take bigger leaps forward.

And part of that for me is I now am about to start my better help counseling, premarital counseling with my fiance from Thailand Naknoi and I would never have gotten to this place had I not taken the leap and moved to Thailand originally.

So I'm back in the shoes of taking a step back and taking a leap forward.

I gave up my rent, gave up my job opportunity that I was offered next year to be a teacher in San Francisco, and now I'm heading back to Thailand in the fall and going to get married. It's going to be great taking leaps forward.

Thank you for listening to my story and please let me know yours in the comments below.

Here's the becoming people of purpose!

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