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Those Who Inspired Me 8: Tina Olsen & Julie Breckenfelder

Woman Intently Listening To Her Two Peers

Tina and Julie have taken the leap that I now have.

I felt such a camaraderie with these two people of purpose who have taken control of their destinies and overcome their fears. Their self honesty and approach to radical transparency are definitely worth experiencing in this interview.

As professional coaches they've set forth in their partnership to bring love to corporate culture. As a result they've stepped out of the fear in what they call corporate "culture cancer" and into their true purposes and self expression. Their partnership is beautiful.

Their notion that through truth there is freedom is a powerful understanding they solidified in our interview. Be honest with what your mission, what are your values and you will allow people will step into their own zones of genius.

Very recently we hired our new audio editor Joey. As I was thinking of how to craft the People of Purpose team, I did a lot of work to communicate our values and mission so that we attracted and hired the right candidates. Having Tina and Julie's advice in the back of my head was an excellent credo throughout the process.

Now we have a wonderful editor that fits our team and has the skills and mindset we need to really elevate the sound quality and build a more cohesive team structure. If you want to step outside of fear, into abundance, and build an awesome team or partnership in anything you do, you have to listen to this interview on episode 046 of the podcast. 

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