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Those Who Inspired Me 4: Eric Morris

Actor Behind A Clipboard On A Filming Set

Eric Morris has such a rich background of purpose using acting as a therapy. As an acting coach in Los Angeles and New York, his approach to acting is to teach actors “how not to act” but to become "professional experiencers".

He's been on his path of purpose in the acting world for over over sixty years! He is an astonishing 87 years old!! (He takes great care of his health, well-being, and psyche.) Eric has appeared in over fifty Equity plays, twenty major motion pictures, and fifty network television shows. And he has written seven books on acting, placing him among the most recognized acting teachers in the world.

I absolutely love his mindset of learning and growing everyday. His enthusiasm and zest for life is remarkable. With 60 years momentum behind him, Eric is a force of Purpose.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to channel the energy he carries with him in his mentors, mentorship, and personal friendships with people like Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, and Arnold Schwertzenegger.

I encourage you to be curious and ask questions about your gifts and craft as Eric has consistently done in his life. The fruits of this inquisitive nature to the path of purpose are so evident in this interview. Listen to our 42nd guest on People of Purpose here!

I’m sure that by listening you’ll feel inspired to commit to living out your path of purpose.

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