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Those Who Inspired Me 38: Alexander Keehnen

Alexander Keehnen Facilitating A WIN Mastermind Session

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

I had a pleasant interview with Alexandra Keehnen.

We discussed a wide range of topics from the beginnings of his development journey, all the way back in 2008 to his divorce, and how that spurred a whole new surrendered experiment. He talked over what he is working on with Gaianet and WIN Mastermind. He also shared what he has worked on the main portion of his life, which is around business efficiency, self-mastery, self-management, and things of this nature.

Alexander is a wise individual being so situated in the center of purpose-driven activity.

He facilitates a mastermind of 45 individuals across 14 countries at the time of our recording. He has a network with Gaianet that is full of purpose-driven people with around 18 or 19 purpose-driven individuals on the board. They are opening up their platform as a social network for purpose-driven individuals.

I learned a lot about truths on purpose.

He named four truths that I thought resonated with me. These truths are:

✔️ All there is, is love.

✔️ Fear is an illusion.

✔️ All there is, is the present moment.

✔️ Move from doing to being.

In particular, the last point on moving from doing to being impacted me because I'm definitely in a phase where I'm starting up a company. I am being highly productive and doing many things, but just being the right kind of person is where all the opportunity lies.

Setting up the meetings with the right people, asking the right questions, and developing the right vision is where Alexander is gifted.

He has a superpower at uniting purpose-driven individuals and creating a collaborative space for people to co-create. And I think that's beautiful. I foresee us being able to work together on WIN mastermind. To unite purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are looking to self-actualize, serve humanity, hold space, be vulnerable, ask for support, and get value from one another.

I know that my life project is very aligned with Gaianet. Just how they're creating the social network for purpose-driven individuals and showcasing projects that changed the paradigm of how we live.

I certainly want to create that kind of project wherein we have a group of individuals that live together in a physical community. A community that generates harmony, creates together and inspires a new way of living.

This new way of living is in much more alignment with the gifts of heart-centered living. It has a vision for what this world could look like with a new economy, a new school system, a new form of food, a new form of energy sustainability, and everything associated with what it takes to create a purpose-driven real estate living project.

I feel super blessed to get to know Alexander. He is inspiring to me, and I look forward to what we can co-create in the future.

I know that whether you're at the beginning of your purpose-driven journey or you're already far along, Alexander and his network can be very helpful to you. Listen to our episode with Alexander and get as many notes as you can, and let's see what we can create together.


If you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur and Alexander’s message resonates with you I encourage you to visit his website and register for a FREE virtual mastermind session. I’ve recently joined WIN Mastermind and it’s absolutely incredible getting to connect with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

JOIN NOW and let’s look forward to what we can co-create in the future.

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