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Those Who Inspired Me 34: Cory Carlson

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

Cory Carlson Posing With His Book Titled Win At Home First

Cory Carlson is such a blessing.

The ways he thinks through some of the core issues that we face as men, as leaders in business, as executives in whatever companies or startups or entrepreneur endeavors are admirable.

I resonated with what Cory talks about because I am kind of all of those things right now. I have my own real estate startup, a podcast team, a new wife, and I just moved back to America.

There are lots of things that I think Cory captured that sparked a lot of intentionality and purpose in me.

He can help benefit anyone's life because he's so relatable in what his struggles are. He comes from this background of having this affair with his wife that had since passed. She never found out about it. He had totally broken off relationships with the former woman. His business was prosperous. He focused on his children.

He didn't need to tell her, but he decided to come clean because he wanted to trade or hand off his story for a greater story.

That greater story is helping other people come into their sense of purpose by winning at home first. When you win at home, you also succeed in business and with your relationship with God at the same time.

Cory has so much beautiful wisdom and advice that I highly encourage. He captures a lot of the core things we struggle with as first-world problems in America -- the busy-ness, the always connectedness, the endless duties, responsibilities, and to-do list that keeps piling up.

He teaches a lot of things about how to keep boundaries, how to find that quality, and solitude time.

He shared some of the parables in the Bible that helped bring home some of the points about why we're here and what our purpose is.

If it's on your heart, reach out to Corey and have that one on one coaching. He is going to help to make you more of a vulnerable person. He will guide you to open your hands, as he speaks about, to give over what's going on in your life to a greater power. You will feel internal peace and a lot more rest and balance.

No matter what background you come from, you're going to benefit from listening to Cory. It may be a different experience for you, but I know for sure that you'll gain a lot of wisdom from it. So go ahead and check our latest podcast episode here with People of Purpose's Cory Carlson.

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