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Those Who Inspired Me 3: Keith Warta

Man In a Formal Office Suit

"We make money, we're a business, but it's why we do it that's important" - Keith Warta

-Keith Warta is the President of Bartlett & West Engineers in my hometown of Topeka, Kansas. 

Getting to interview my Dad's boss who I've known of pretty much my entire life was something special.  It was neat to see things come full circle where my early childhood is now a part of my early adulthood. From being a pickup player on their company's softball team to interviewing him on People of Purpose, I've seen Keith in so many lights.

He is consistently calm, humble, purposeful, and giving towards his community.

This in-depth interview is packed with so many takeaways for how to pursue purpose in business. Under his leadership, Bartlett & West is a thriving and growing employee-owned company.

You need to hear what Keith says about how his company is an extension of his purpose.

His sense of "conscious capitalism" as he says is a primary example of why he's a great leader. I see myself developing to be more and more like Keith as I mature into more areas of leadership. It was invigorating to step into his mind and recognize that he's living in the way that I'm arching towards. I'm so excited to see what he does in his nearing retirement.

I Encourage you to listen to this refreshing, peaceful, and inspiring interview on episode 041 of the podcast. 

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