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Those Who Inspired Me 25: Tanya J. Miller

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

Tanya Miller Looking Beautiful On A Green Parka

I loved getting to interview Tanya Miller.

She's such an easy-going, flowing young woman who was fully aligned with purpose.

The way that she speaks about her relationship with her husband is so wonderful especially for me as a newly married man. She gave excellent advice for how to remain married both in and on your sense of purpose and how to make that a together purpose. I think it was super beautiful.

She also has this idea that she stole from a mentor about how we must leave this world empty and how we must leave all of our purposes here in the earth. And so we should be giving our very all until we die so that we die empty. I find that thought lovely.

Having a Christian on the podcast for the first time in a while was also very refreshing.

I am a Christian, have been my entire life, my wife is, and I feel enlightened being able to speak to Tanya about how to be a Christian, how to still be influential in the world of purpose, and to do so in a way that's fully who she is.

She's unapologetically on purpose and that is just incredible.

I love her challenge towards the end of the interview about how even though she had an MBA and got other degrees and so forth, she's an entrepreneur. She's all in on it and I identify with that. What she says about using everything available at your current job to be able to get yourself certified, to get yourself educated, and then make sure that you get yourself on a path that yours was just a great and awesome challenge for people.

I am excited for people to get to meet Tanya. I highly encourage you to go check out her shop on and look at her message merch. The way that she designs her shirts and some of the messages on it is just awesome. She also has a mixtape, which I'm super curious about as well.

Tanya is a fun, loving, easy-going person, and I know that you're going to enjoy my interview with her. Check out my interview with her here.

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